Schindler Consulting – Who We Are

Our team is a group of professionals in many fields who have united to create unique services dedicated to Canadian immigration professionals. We combined our skills and knowledge to address the needs of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) and Canadian Immigration Lawyers. Schindler Consulting is designed as a B2B project aimed at the success of your immigration practice. We offer our Content Marketing and Website Development Services to help your business and distinguish your company on the market. Our products will boost your immigration practice and bring you more clients!

Our History

Our story started in 2018, when Oleg Schindler, the founder of the company, realized that the niche of dedicated and targeted services for immigration practitioners was not occupied. Back then, Oleg held the position of Business Development Manager in one of the Toronto-based immigration law firms. Being responsible for the company’s growth and strategy development, Oleg discovered that most digital marketing companies were unable to offer good services for immigration consultants as they simply didn’t understand the industry and did not have enough knowledge of how things work with Canadian Immigration.

Oleg shared his ideas with his wife, Anna, and they started developing the initial concept of services to offer prospective clients: Information Monitoring Services and Content Creation. The first project, the Immigration News Digest, was ready to be presented to the clients very soon. A collection of news publications written in the format of Facebook/Instagram posts, ready to be shared on the client’s social media platforms.

In late 2018, Oleg and Anna quit their jobs and concentrated on the development of the company. With the first contracts signed, the confidence of the team grew. In one year, the company already served over 50 clients. Finally, in 2019, to increase the professional level of the services and to better know the immigration legislation, Oleg applied for the Immigration Consultant Diploma program and became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in 2020 to be able to offer the best services to immigration professionals.

Schindler Consulting is committed to the success of your business!

Meet the Schindler Consulting Team

Oleg Schindler - CEO of Schindler ConsultingOleg Schindler Immigration Policy Analyst, RCIC, and CEO
Anna Schindler CFO and President

Valeriia Yelahina Project Manager and Senior Media Consultant

Timon Potseluev Web Department Team Lead
Tetiana Potseluieva Web Designer

Aytan Rafikhanova Research Associate

Varvara ShmygalevaMedia Consultant and Copywriter

Kateryna Mulier

Kateryna Mulier Administrative Assistant

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