A Starter-Website for New RCICs and Small Companies

Many new RCICs approach us to get a quote for a website. Unfortunately, the costs for a full-scale website with multiple content pages, unique design and comprehensive functionality can reach $5,000-$10,000 CAD and are not always affordable for small businesses or new immigration consultants, especially those who have just launched their business. We at Schindler Consulting addressed this problem and designed a budget solution to help new businesses that had not yet gained a big revenue and cannot invest in the full-scale website and marketing. We called it an RCIC Starter-Website. This solution meets the basic needs of small businesses to promote their services online.

Meet the Starter-Website

It is based on a very simple approach – the mini-web resource with information about you and your services, real Google and Facebook reviews, links to your social media, payment and booking systems for your consultations, and your immigration blog. This website will introduce you as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and allow easy marketing via Facebook or Instagram! A combination of a minimalistic website and an interesting blog can provide new immigration consultants with a starter boost.

Starter-Website will consist of a homepage, which will include the following blocks:

  • Company logo and Contact info
  • Your picture, bio and RCIC credentials of the consultant
  • Google/Facebook reviews section
  • Newsfeed/Immigration blog
  • The list of your services
  • Integration with Calendly for consultation booking

You Can Choose from Premade Layouts. Check out our live demos below!

Premade Layout 01

Starter-Website Premade Layout 01Get this website for C$449.99!

Click here for a live preview!

Premade Layout 02

Premade Layout 02

Get this website for C$499.99!

Click here for a live preview!

Premade Layout 03

Premade Layout 03

Get this website for C$699.99!

Click here for a live preview!

Premade Layout 04

Premade Layout 04

Get this website for C$699.99!

Click here for a live preview!

Premade Layout 05

Get this website for C$499.99!

Click here for a live preview!

Prefer a unique layout? Order custom design solutions and get a website that fully meets your needs!
We can help you to get a completely customized and automated website solution for your business

How much will my Starter-Website cost?

The total cost for your starter website will include:

  • The cost of the selected premade layout
  • The cost of additional content pages
  • The cost of additional services (see below)

You can start as low as a one-time investment of only C$449.99 + HST to start your digital promotion. Our team can deliver your brand-new website in 72 hours.

Your Starter Website will include a premade layout developed by us, social media integration (Google and Facebook reviews), and mobile responsiveness. The website will have the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Our Services
  • Blog
  • Book a Consultation
  • Contact Us


Q: Can I modify the design of my Starter Website?

A: No, we don’t modify the starter website architecture elements, such as sliders, widgets, assessment forms, etc. You purchase the layout as is.

Q: Can I have a unique design for my Starter-Website 

A: No. For the unique custom design, you need to order a full-scale website.

Q: What customizations are included in the original price?

A: We can change the main colour palette, replace the logo, change the website menu, and all your personal information, such as photos, reviews, biography, list of services, etc.

Q: Is it a one-time payment?

A: Yes, there is only a one-time service fee.

Q: What is the cost of the maintenance of the starter website?

A: You will be charged based on the hourly rate of C$50.00 for all maintenance work should it appear

Q: Where do I get content for my Starter-Website?

A: You can write it on your own, order it from us, or subscribe to our Immigration News Digest. Read more below.

Additional services

Service Cost
Additional languages (platform) +C$200 per each
New logo development (three variants) +C$150
Additional Content Pages +C$100 per page
Our Hosting (per year) +$C100-200
  • We can easily create your Starter-Website in several languages! Thus you will be able to use it for reaching your targeted audience in their language!
  • Don’t have a logo yet? We can create a brand for you!
  • We can also help you to purchase a domain and provide you with our hosting for your website!

Upgrade your website to a full-scale website in the future!

In addition, this platform is easily scalable to any extent in the future: adding new content pages, service descriptions, promotional publications and hundreds of other features that WordPress allows.

Where do I get content for my Starter-Website?

You can write news and articles for your blog by yourself. This might be the cheapest solution as it is completely free. Blogging about your services actually works! It is really enough to take two hours a week to write a small blog about recent news, your business or a successful case. Even one post per week will contribute to your website promotion and will help it rank higher locally and globally. On average, most small businesses write one blog per month, so even one update per month will allow you to create at least 12 blogs per year.


Don’t have time to write? Hate writing articles? Not a problem! Let us help you! Our copywriters can prepare interesting blogs on demand or even choose topics based on relevant trends. All blogs we write will be optimized for search engines, so they will also help to promote specific keywords related to your services. We offer one blog of 300-500 words for C$100.00 + HST. How many blogs do you need to improve your ranking? Well, the more – the better. However, based on our experience, you may need at least two blogs per month for a six-month period to promote your website.

Immigration News Reviews

Alternatively, instead of blogs you can order publications of the Immigration News Review. Immigration News Review is a comprehensive periodical analysis of Canadian immigration news on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. One issue always includes seven topics. Depending on your business priorities, you can let us know what type of news to include in your issue. Every news in the new issues includes a subheading and two paragraphs about ‘What happened?’ and ‘Why is it important?’. The cost of one periodical Immigration News Review is always C$100 CAD + HST. The total monthly fee depends on how many issues per month you order.

Country-Based Statistic Blogs

You can also order a country-specific blog about your targeted market. The blog will be based on the most recent statistics updates on PR admissions, SP and WP issuances for your selected country compared to the general statistics. The basic price is $100 CAD + HST if a blog is below 500 words or $0.2 CAD + HST per word for a blog over 500 words.

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