Schindler Consulting is proud to present a new content marketing service for Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs)! Please meet the Immigration Statistics Digest, the add-on to our flagship service – the Immigration News Digest. The new product is a Statistical Content Marketing tool to empower your digital presence!

What is Immigration Statistics Digest

The numbers are always important in the immigration industry, whether the number of points in the recent draw, the number of invitations issued in the last round, or the number of days required to process the application. Nevertheless, your prospective clients may often ask you the following questions:

  • How many people immigrated to Canada?
  • How many international students received a study permit?
  • How many foreign workers got a work permit?

We can help you to provide answers to those and many similar questions to your clients! Moreover, we can help you monetize these answers with the help of the add-on to Immigration News Digest, which we call Statistical Content Marketing For RCICs.

Monthly Statistics Add-On to Immigration News Digest

We analyze the monthly statistics updates and create a collection of social media posts that will inform your readers about Permanent Residence admissions, Express Entry Permanent Residence Admissions, Study Permit issuance, Worl Permit issuance, etc. We focus on multiple immigration categories, such as Skilled Workers, Provincial Nominees, Business Immigrants, Atlantic Pilot Immigrants, Caregivers, and many others. We analyze the countries of origin and the provinces of destination of the immigrants, international students, and foreign workers.

Every monthly issue will include 15-20 items. The items of the Immigration Statistics Digest will be similar to the items of the Immigration News Digest, with the main difference being the frequency of the new issue. The Immigration Department releases monthly updates with a delay of 2-3 months. Accordingly, we release our Targeted Statistical update once a month once the raw figures are available.

What items will be included in the Immigration Statistics Digest

In most cases, we include the following topics in the new issue:

Immigration Statistics Digest items
  1. Monthly total PR admissions by provinces
  2. Monthly total PR admissions by countries
  3. Monthly total PR admissions Family Sponsorship
  4. Monthly total PR admissions PNP
  5. Monthly total PR admissions business immigration
  6. Monthly total PR admissions refugees
  7. Monthly total PR admissions AIPP
  8. Monthly total PR admissions caregivers
  9. Monthly EE PR admissions by provinces
  10. Monthly EE PR admissions by countries
  11. Monthly EE PR admissions by programs
  12. Monthly study permit issuance by provinces
  13. Monthly study permit issuance by countries
  14. Monthly PGWP issuance by provinces
  15. Monthly IMP work permit issuance
  16. Monthly TFWP work permit issuance
  17. Quarterly LMIA issuance by provinces

From time to time, we may include additional statistics in the digest.

How to use the Immigration Statistics Digest

Similar to the Immigration News Digest, the Statistics Digest is intended mainly for use on social media. Each item has 100-150 words. It is also laid out in a ‘Facebook post style,’ with three key components: The title, the statistics, and the hashtags. Use the items of the Statistics Digest to promote your services on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Linkedin and other platforms!

Target Your Country with Country-Specific Content Marketing

What is the best way to increase the value of the Immigration Statistics Digest by Schindler Consulting? Concentrate on your markets! We allow customers to include specific countries on the Tier 2 subscription level in their Statistics Digest! If your targeted countries are not in the top 10, we will prepare the statistical data about your targeted markets separately.

Order an On-Demand Statistics Blog about Your Country

Just like the content of the Immigration News Digest, we send the same content to all Immigration Statistics Digest subscribers except for additional country-specific stats. Many clients often wonder if they can use the digest for their website. Due to SEO recommendations, website content must be original content to avoid penalties for plagiarism. So, is there a way to use the immigration statistics on your website? Yes!

If you want to target your prospective clients with immigration statistics, you can order on-demand blog posts with topics like “Immigration from %Country_name% to Canada! It is that simple! Our copywriters will write a custom original blog for you using the statistics related to your target country or a custom blog on general immigration statistics.

Do you like infographics?

Modern people prefer to receive information in audio-visual ways. That’s why we offer you to order custom-made infographics to demonstrate the statistics of the issue! Our designers will offer you a few design options, including your company’s branding and present you with a collection of illustrations for the new issue of the Statistics Digest. For every item in the digest, you will get infographics with your logo and contact details.

What is the cost of this service?

Tier 1

Basic subscription

A monthly fee of $250 CAD + HST

Tier 2

Advanced subscription

Basic Subscription + $25 CAD + HST per each targeted country

Do you want to get more of the Immigration Statistics Digest?

  • Order On-Demand Blog about Statistics! The basic price is $100 CAD + HST if a blog is below 500 words or $0.2 CAD + HST per word for a blog over 500 words.
  • Order statistics spreadsheets about your target country's PR, SP, and WP statistics for an extra $25 CAD + HST.
  • Order custom-made infographics for each item of the Statistics Digest for $250 CAD + HST.

Sounds interesting?

Email us to get a sample digest!

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