Information is a key commodity in the digital era! This is true for the Canadian Immigration Consulting Industry, as it is the basis of your services. The clients pay for your knowledge of Canadian legislation and immigration regulations. Dozens of immigration programs, streams, and pathways change all the time. Therefore, you must always be updated to compete in the market and be better than others. At the same time, you also need to inform your potential clients about those updates and changes to attract new clients. To ensure that, we designed the Immigration News Digest – the best content marketing service for the social media of Canadian Immigration Consultants and Lawyers.

What is Immigration News Digest?

The Immigration News Digest is a daily collection of immigration news that our team monitors, gathers, and analyzes. On average, we select four news topics daily and write news in a social media-friendly format. As a result, we provide you with a laconic advisory on each topic you can use for marketing.

This makes the Immigration News Digest the most affordable news content marketing tool for Canadian Immigration Consultants and Lawyers, which can inform you of recent immigration news and be used as a source for your social media feeds.

It will convert your social media feed into an information hub about Immigration to Canada. In turn, it will increase the number of your followers and readers by providing timely and high-quality content on immigration. We provide only relevant data, saving you time and keeping you updated.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience. Big companies hire marketing professionals to create content and pay Social Media Marketers for paid ads. However, small businesses usually cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars every month.

Our immigration news digest can fill the content marketing function for your business! Every daily issue of the digest consists of 3-4 news items. Each item consists of 100-150 words and has three important parts: the title, advisory, and hashtags.

The title informs on the main topic of the news. The advisory is the laconic review of the news we reported, or in other words, it informs the reader what exactly happened and what consequences it may have. Finally, the hashtags are the keywords related to the news item.

Content Marketing - Immigration News Digest

How Do You Convince Potential Clients to Choose Your Company?

The answer is very simple – information is key to success! When a potential client is looking for an immigration service provider, he/she will look for the most trusted, reputable, and informed immigration consultant. If your social media becomes a client’s main source of information about immigration, the chances of choosing your company will increase. In addition, you and your employees will always be informed of the current procedures, regulations, and changes.

You can also download our marketing booklet, IND Explained.

Download our booklet

What Materials Do We Monitor?

Every morning and evening, our team monitors a list of over one hundred online web pages to identify and collect all information Canadian Immigration Consultants and Lawyers may find useful and helpful. Our crew monitors all Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program invitation round results. We are looking for all new immigration regulations and program delivery updates.

We read all publications on the official websites and social media accounts of major Federal and Provincial immigration authorities, including IRCC, ESDC, IRB, CBSA, etc. We analyze publications by Statistics Canada and official data from the Open Government portal. Our team follows public accounts of the key decision-makers and major Canadian leaders of the industry, as well as leading Canadian media outlets and Canadian ethnic media publications.

The Key Benefits for Your Business

  • The Immigration News Digest always keeps you updated about all recent industry developments and all relevant news.
  • It helps you convert your social media feed into the immigration news hub about immigration to Canada.
  • It increases the number of your followers and readers by providing high-quality content on immigration.
  • You can also translate it to address your targeted audience abroad.  

How to Use Immigration News Digest for Your Content Marketing?

Check below our recommendations and best practices for the most popular social media:

Tips for the best use of the Immigration News Digest


Copy the news you want to publish. Feel free to add additional hashtags if there are more relevant hashtags. Add a relevant illustration from one of the image stocks, or create your own illustration using tools like Canva. Don’t forget to add a call to action, inviting potential clients to engage. Publish the news! In the first comment below, add a relevant link. This could be a link to a landing page on your website or a link to book a consultation.


Copy the news you want to publish. Add more emojis to the post, ensuring that it is visually appealing. Add more hashtags! Create your illustration using tools like Canva or similar. Adding headings or relevant questions to your illustrations could be a good idea. Add even more emojis and hashtags. Write a call to action, encouraging your followers to perform a desired action. Add some more hashtags, and you are good to go with the publication.


Copy the news you want to publish. Select 3-4 most relevant hashtags. Remember that LinkedIn requires maintaining a professional and business-focused tone. Therefore, leave the emojis for Instagram or at least minimize their use. Select an illustration that will also look more professional. Well-looking people, Canadian landmarks, or good architecture fit well for LinkedIn. Add a call to action, and you can publish the news. Add a relevant link to book a consultation with you in the first comment below.

X (ex-Twitter):

Remember that X has limits on the characters. Usually, there are two ways to publish our news on X: either shorten the post to meet the limits or create a thread of several posts. Using link shorteners will also be a good practice to save on the number of characters. Include your hashtags directly in the text. Don't forget to add a call to action and a relevant link!

YouTube shorts, TikTok videos, Instagram Stories and Facebook Reels

Along with publishing text posts, you can use the Immigration News Digest as a source for your marketing videos! Open a news item you want to make a video about. Start recording, trying not to read the text but telling a short story. Once you are finished with the news, you can ask the viewers to like, comment, and share it. We also recommend finishing with the call to book a consultation with you or visit your website for more information. In the video description, you can add your contact information, links to consultations, hashtags, etc.

General Tips:

Maintain a consistent posting schedule across all platforms to establish reliability. Cross-promote content by sharing snippets across various channels, ensuring a cohesive online presence. Respond promptly to comments and messages on all platforms to foster community engagement. Regularly monitor analytics to refine your strategy, tailoring your approach based on audience engagement and platform-specific trends.

What are the costs?

The flat fee for the digest is $200 CAD per month + HST.

Why do you charge C$200 for this service?

Some clients ask us why we charge $200 a month. Well, here is the explanation. Almost all the sources we monitor are open sources. Therefore, everyone can monitor the news if he or she has time for that. It takes 60-90 minutes daily to check all the news and prepare similar content. The content manager then spends another 30 minutes to prepare the new issue. The editor then checks the new issue, which takes another 30 minutes.

However, your time is valuable, and there is no point in wasting it! Your main goal is not to search for news but to consult a client and prepare the application package. It is better to spend your time filling out your client’s Express Entry or provincial EOI profile. The average cost of one hour of work for the RCIC is C$100-150.

Many can say, ‘Well, I can delegate this to my employees, and they can monitor the news.’ Sure thing! But how much time your assistants may spend on this task? The approximate calculation of the compensation for the digest preparation is C$70-105 per week (5-7.5 hours per week). Subsequently, the total cost can reach C$280-420 per month. In addition, there might be time required to check the accuracy of the content they have gathered. Here we go! You will easily reach the monthly cost of C$500 if you delegate this task to your employees.

That’s how the flat fee of C$200 emerged, which is a fair price for our work to create the digest.

What are the terms of service?

  • The fee for the daily news digest is $200 CAD + 13% HST per month.
  • Every morning at 8:15 AM EST, you will get a new issue in your inbox from Monday to Friday.
  • Our Clients are authorized to publish the digest on their social media.
  • Every 1st of the month, we send you the invoice for the previous month via Wave.
  • We accept e-transfers and credit cards.
  • You can also safely save your credit card in the Wave and get charged automatically.
  • The first payment is always after the first month of service!

Sounds interesting?

Check out what a sample week looks like in Immigration News Digest. This is what the typical content we deliver looks like.

Download a Sample of the Digest

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