Immigration News Digest

Information is a key commodity in the digital era and in such a field as immigration to Canada, information is fundament of the services you provide. Your clients pay you for your knowledge of Canadian legislation and immigration regulation. However, having dozens of immigration programs, streams, and pathways, Immigration to Canada is a very dynamic environment. To compete in such a tough market and to be better than other companies you must always be updated on the changes. To ensure that, we designed our Immigration News Digest.

During the whole history of humankind, the information had a core value. In the twenty-first century, the amount of information humanity produces has seriously increased! Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until the beginning of the century! One can literally sink in the information flow, 75% of which is useless. How is it possible to escape this information flood?

This is how information monitoring was born. Monitoring of the relevant information is a skill that allows professionals to catch the relevant info, analyze it and provide a laconic advisory. This is the approach of Schindler Consulting to create Canadian Immigration Monitoring Services. Many other industries have developed similar services to stay updated about all recent developments in their professional fields. Now it is a turn for the Canadian Immigration Consultancy field. We provide you only with relevant data saving your time and keeping you updated.

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How to Convince Potential Clients to Choose Your Company?

The answer is very simple – information is key to success! When a potential client is looking for the immigration service provider, he/she will look for the most trusted and the most informed company. If your website and social media become a client’s main source of information about immigration, the chances of choosing your company will increase. In addition, you and your employees will always be informed of the current procedures, regulations, and changes.

What Materials Do We Monitor?

Canadian Immigration Monitoring Services monitors new Express Entry draws, Provincial Nominee Program rounds of invitations, new immigration legislation proposed and adopted by the government at all levels, publications of the official websites and social media accounts of major Federal and Provincial immigration authorities, publications by Statistics Canada, official data by Open Government portal, public accounts of the key decision-makers, major Canadian leaders of the industry, Conference Board of Canada, as well as leading Canadian media outlets.

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We make an emphasis on:
  • Draws results
  • Official statistics
  • Forecasts
  • New regulations
  • Press Releases
  • Media reports
  • Social media of the officials

How All This May Be Helpful for My Business?

  • Our Digest can help you to convert your website into the information hub about Immigration to Canada
  • It helps to increase the number of your subscribers, followers and readers by providing high-quality content on immigration
  • It can be used for Social Media Marketing by sharing it online on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Our Digest is the Affordable Content Marketing Tool

Content Marketing is focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience on the Internet. Big companies hire full-time marketing professionals and Social Media Managers and pay thousands of dollars for paid ads to gain new leads. However, small and medium businesses usually cannot afford such investments.

Our immigration news digest can fill the marketing function for your business! Every daily issue of our digest consists of 2-4 news items on immigration. Each item has about 100-150 words, or what we have called a “Facebook format” news. Every digest item consists of three important parts:

  1. The title
  2. the core of the news, and
  3. hashtags

The title informs on the main topic of the news. The core of the item is the very news we reported, or in other words, it informs the reader what exactly happened and what consequences it may have. Finally, the hashtags are the keywords related to the news item.

How to promote your services with our Digest?

    1. Draft a post on your website and social media by copying it from the digest:
    2. Add your contact information to the post and mention your company name:

      Contact YOUR COMPANY NAME for more! Call us at YOUR PHONE or email us at YOUR EMAIL!

    3. Add some trigger sentence related to the news or any generic call to action:

      Would you like to immigrate to Canada? Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    4. Click on publish! That’s it!

We also recommend using some illustration for your posts. You can always find them on various free image stocks.

It is also good to publish the news on your website first! This enables you to include the link to your original website post to your Facebook post or Tweet. The link to the original post on your website will forward to your website. Increased traffic will improve your website ranking on Google. This also will increase the chances that readers will read other content on your website and will be more likely to approach you for services.

What are the costs?

Almost all the sources we monitor are open sources. Everyone can do that if he or she has time for that. It takes 60-90 minutes a day to check all the news and to prepare a digest. However, the time of the RCIC is valuable and there is no point to waste it for reading news when you must consult a client, prepare the application package or fill out the Express Entry or provincial EOI profile of your client. The average cost of one hour of work of the RCIC is $100-150 CAD. If not the RCIC personally, then an employee of RCIC can do that. However, how much time your assistant may spend on this task? The approximate calculation of the minimum-wage employee’s compensation for the digest preparation is $70-105 per week (5-7.5 hrs per week) or $280-420 per month (based on Ontario’s $14/hr rate). Add the time you may need to check the accuracy of the material and you will get it for $500. That’s how the full price of $200 emerged. However, check our social media and ads – we regularly offer discounts for new subscribers!

Immigration News Digest
      • A basic fee for the daily digest is $200 CAD + 13% HST per month.
      • Every morning 8-10 AM EST Monday to Friday you will get a new issue to your inbox.
      • Our Clients are authorized to publish the digest on their websites and social media.
      • Every 1st of the month we send you the invoice for the previous month.
      • We accept e-transfers and payments via PayPal.

The Immigration News Digest Performs Three Functions!

      1. It informs you of the recent updates
      2. It saves your valuable time
      3. It works as your marketing tool

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