What We Can Offer

During the whole history of humankind, information had a core value. “He who owns the information – owns the world”, said British philosopher Francis Bacon in the nineteenth century. Since that time, the amount of information humanity produces has seriously increased! Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until the beginning of the century! One can literally sink in the information flow, 75% of which is useless. How one can escape this information flood?

This is how information monitoring was born. Monitoring of the relevant information is a skill that allows professionals to catch the relevant info, analyze it and provide a laconic advisory. This is the approach of Schindler Consulting to create Canadian Immigration Monitoring Services. Many other industries have developed similar service to stay updated about all recent developments of their professional fields. Now it is a turn for Immigration to Canada field. The Canadian Immigration Monitoring Services is designed as a b2b project by Schindler Consulting. We provide you only with relevant data saving your time and keeping you updated.

How to convince potential clients to choose your company?

The answer is very simple – information is a key to success! When a potential client is looking for an immigration service provider, he/she will look for the most trusted and the most informed company. If your website becomes a client’s main source of information about immigration, the chances of choosing your company will increase. In addition, you and your employees will always be informed of the current procedures, regulation, and changes.

What materials do we monitor?

Canadian Immigration Monitoring Services monitors new Express Entry draws, Provincial Nominee rounds of invitations, new immigration legislation proposed and adopted by the government at all levels, publications of the official websites and social media accounts of major Federal and Provincial immigration authorities, public accounts of the key decision-makers, major Canadian leaders of the industry, ICCRC-CRCIC, Job Bank, Conference Board of Canada, as well as leading Canadian media outlets.

What goals you can achieve by purchasing our products?

  • Convert your website into the information hub about Immigration to Canada
  • Increase the number of subscribers, followers and readers
  • Convert your subscribers, followers and readers to your clients
  • Increase the online popularity of your company by providing high-quality content on immigration

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