Recommended Website Content

The website must have a very informative homepage that demonstrates excerpts of all your services. Google is indexing homepages to know who you are and what your business offers.

The ‘About us’ section must give details about the service provider. To increase the trustworthiness and reliability, it is good to introduce yourself, as well as your RCIC credentials. The clients usually appreciate when they know some info about the consultant – some basic bio and a picture are can be very helpful.

A separate page about Express Entry (EE) system that will cover all information about the selection process, comprehensive ranking system, current immigration levels, and main programs it serves is a must. Separate pages for each of the three Federal programs served by EE is highly recommended: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trade (FST), Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

From our experience, many potential immigrants seek immigration to a specific province. We recommend having a landing page for Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) + separate page for each province and territory, i.e. additional 8 pages for provinces (excl. Quebec) and 2 for territories (excl. Nunavut that doesn’t have its PNP). The alternative option is to have one page on PNPs in general and one for the province you are located.

The Study in Canada page should be more informative with an emphasis on the immigration perspective for international students. For many people, education is the only way to immigrate. In addition to a main ‘Study in Canada’ landing page, we recommend separate pages about Post-Graduate Work Permit, work regulations for students (co-ops, internships, on-campus and, off-campus-work) and their spouses (Open Work Permits).

Work in Canada page can be a general page about foreign workers’ opportunities. Separate pages can be added on your request about LMIA and Work Permit Types (Open, Closed, Exempt, etc.)

Another landing page must be Visit Canada page. On your request, we can add separate pages about Temporary Resident Visa, Supervisa, Electronic Travel Authorization, etc.

Family Sponsorship section should also be included. We recommend a general landing page and separate pages for each kind of sponsorship: spousal, parents/grandparents, and children.

Humanitarian and compassionate grounds program require a separate page.

A separate page for Refugees may also be useful if you deal with such cases.

Finally, Business Immigration is the last recommended section. In addition to the main landing page, we can add pages about Investors, Start-ups, Self-Employed and other business programs.

The List of Recommended Content Pages

  1. Express Entry
  2. Federal Skilled Worker
  3. Federal Skilled Trade
  4. Canadian Experience Class
  5. Provincial Nominee Programs
  6. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
  7. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
  8. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
  1. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
  2. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
  3. New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  4. Nova Scotia Nominee Program
  5. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program
  6. Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program
  7. Yukon Nominee Program
  8. Northwest Territories Nominee Program
  1. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  2. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  3. Arrima
  4. Quebec Skilled Worker
  5. Quebec Experience Program
  6. Business Immigration to Quebec
  7. Study in Canada
  8. Post-Graduate Work Permit/Immigration via Education
  9. Work regulations for students and their spouses

  1. Work in Canada
  2. LMIA
  3. Work Permit Types
  4. Visit Canada page
  5. Temporary Resident Visa
  6. Supervisa
  7. Family Sponsorship
  8. Spousal Sponsorship
  1. Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship
  2. Children Sponsorship
  3. Humanitarian and compassionate grounds
  4. Refugees
  5. Business Immigration
  6. Start-Up Immigration
  7. Investor Immigration
  8. Immigration of Self-Employed
  9. Citizenship

We can also add any other specific pages on your request.

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